At CAT CAMS, we have the technology to grind camshafts with inclined cam lobes thanks to our CNC grinding machine that can set movement of the complete grinding wheel assembly at the same angle as the lifter movement. This is required for engines with valves pointing towards the center of the combustion chamber. A top notch example is the Ferrari 333 SP engine, featuring 5 valves per cylinder (see image). The outside intake valves having an angle of 3° to the center. The 2 exhaust valves have an included angle of 8° to eachother.

Later production engines, such as the F355 and F360, enjoy the same technology and can benefit from CAT CAMS upgrades for camshafts and related valvetrain components as well.
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Forget about the limitations of roller finger followers due to exploding bearings, follower flexibility or negative radius grinding. Our new series of slipper cam followers with extra long contact pad and low friction coating eliminate the roller issues from the past.

High acceleration profiles, optimized stiffness and lower mass will help you extract better and more reliable performance. The complete kit for the Renault F4R has been released, making a solid 285hp at 8500rpm (see image).
In 2013, we will continue to work on replacements for the BMW M10/M20, as well as VTEC Eliminators for the toyota 2ZZ-GE and the Honda B- K- and F-series.
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Our 9-axis gear grinder at CAT CAMS enables us to come up with stunning new solutions. A recent development for the Volkswagen Golf 16v is a meshed gear setup that replaces the connection chain that runs without a tensioner in the original setup.

Obviously the engine has a very succesful history, but the meshed gears allow engines to run over 10.000rpm without chain vibrations. At the same time, we also modified the drive end of the exhaust camshaft to accept a tapered adjustable cam wheel for better clamping. On the intake camshaft, the cam lobe angles of cylinder 2 and 3 have been altered because the intake camshaft is now rotating the other direction.
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