Ford Duratec ST170 VVT delete
Ford’s 2.0-litre Duratec ST170 engine still has many fans, particularly for its ability to readily mate up to popular off the shelf rear wheel drive Ford transmissions.
Hence why Belgian performance valvetrain specialist Cat Cams is pleased to launch a new pair of profiles for track day or rally use, which are designed to work in conjunction with either carburettors or independent throttle bodies.
Precision CNC ground from high quality, motorsport style steel billets, Cat Cam’s designers have leveraged their experience with BTCC and WTCC engines to deliver a pair of profiles that deliver significant improvements in power and torque, while dispensing with the ST170’s variable valve timing (VVT) system, which is superfluous for track day / motorsport use. However clever design work by Cat Cams allows the retention of the stock Ford front camshaft oil seals, which normally fit around the Ford VVT drive sprockets.
The technical details of Cat Cam’s Focus ST170 Duratec profiles are:-
2301013: 274/264° - 240/232° - 11.75/11.25mm
The new Cat Cam’s 2301013 profiles are a direct swap for the original Ford items and are totally compatible with the standard ST170 mechanical valve gear.
And they really deliver, as recent dyno testing at Sussex based Devil Developments proved, when a Caterham running a standard ST170 motor with the Cat Cams 2301013 profiles and 45mm throttle bodies produced an impressive 207 bhp @ 6800 rpm, allied to 177 lb.ft of torque at 5500 rpm.
The spread of torque produced by the Cat Cams is equally notable, with over 160lb.ft available from 3700 rpm to 6700 rpm, highlighting the driveable nature of the profile.
The adjustable alloy pulleys (which are required because the Ford VVT mechanism is built into the inlet cam) carry part number CTF0170.
For further information and sales advice please contact your nearest Cat Cams dealer.