New profiles for VAG 2.0-litre TFSI engines
Steel billet 7602002 cams for big turbo 2.0-litre TFSI engines
Dyno proven to gain 72 bhp and 38 lb.ft of torque
Runs on stock lash adjusters but requires Cat Cams / PAC valvesprings and retainers, plus pocketed pistons
Belgian automotive valvetrain specialist Cat Cams NV is delighted to announce a significant new product release a pair of performance cams for VAG’s, four-cylinder, 2.0-litre TFSI direct injection turbocharged engine, as used in the VW Golf GTi, Scirocco and the Audi A3.
Producing a pair of cams for VAG’s TFSI engine presented Cat Cams with numerous technical challenges, largely because of the trapezoid shaped lobe that’s required at the end of the inlet cam to drive the engine’s direct injection fuel pump. Produced from top quality steel billets, the end results of Cat Cam’s development process is a pair of cams that are compatible with the original VAG TFSI direct injection system.
The first VAG 2.0 TFSI profile released by Cat Cams is designed to be used on highly tuned versions of the engine – described as a ‘Stage 3’ engine profile.
Carrying part number 7602002, technical details on the Cat Cams TFSI ‘Stage 3’ profiles are as follows:-
Standard 231 / 258° 190 / 211° 10.75 / 10.00 mm OEM
7602002 270 / 223° 223 / 215° 11.75 / 11.00 mm Stage 3
The ‘Stage 3’ Cat Cams 7602002 profiles are designed to run with the standard VAG lash adjusters, but PAC-D99865 dual valvesprings are required, as are upper retainers 99545 and lower retainers 99546. For a higher maximum load we offer PAC-D99864 dual valvesprings with upper retainers 99423 and lower retainers 99503. However, head machining is required to install these springs. In addition, the additional valve lift means that pocketed pistons must be used, forged JE Pistons are available from Cat Cams to suit.
Before and after dyno testing has proven that the Cat Cams 7602002 ‘Stage 3’ profiles adds a stunning 72 bhp and 38 lb.ft of torque to suitably modified engines (see before and after dyno curves.) The specification of the test car was as follows:-
Scirocco R, 2.0-litre TFSI, 90mm induction kit, large alloy intercooler, Garrett HTA3076R turbo running 1.67 bar of boost, custom exhaust manifold, forged pocketed pistons, RS4 fuel injectors, Cat Cams 7602002 profiles, PAC-D99864 dual valve springs, 99423 / 99503 upper & lower retainers.