Audi 1.8T for DIY fitment
- Now supplied with optional integral CNC machined fixed timing gear
- Designed for big turbo, high power 1.8T, 20-valve engines
- High lift / short duration format to maximise torque and power
- Shorter exhaust duration to promote rapid turbo spool up
- Dyno tested in the USA to add up to 42 bhp at peak
- Optimised increases in lift and duration yet retains good idle quality
- Straight install using original VAG hydraulic followers
- Ideal for Audi A3, Audi TT and Mk4 Volkswagen Golf GTi
- CNC ground from new chilled blank casting, lightweight hollow steel billet version with
integral adjustable rear chain verniers also available
Cat Cam’s profiles for the 1780cc, 1.8T, 20-valve Audi / Volkswagen engine found in the VW Golf Mk4, Audi A3 and TT are proving to be a great success on both sides of the Atlantic. And now the Belgian high performance valvetrain specialist has responded to demands and made it even easier for VAG tuning enthusiasts to gain power with Cat Cams.
Customer feedback has indicated that many DIY enthusiasts would rather a straight install without the option of swinging the cam timing, hence why Cat Cams is now offering both of its sets of high performance 1.8T, 20-valve camshafts profiles with the option of fixed timing gears, enabling a straight ‘bolt-on’ fitment onto standard factory timing marks.
Designed for engines with large aftermarket turbochargers and power outputs of over 375-400 bhp, the technical details for the revised Cat Cams Audi / Volkswagen 1.8T 20-valve Sport profiles are as follows:-
Part no Duration Duration Max Valve Lift Description
@ 0.1 mm+cl @ 1.0 mm+cl
1013651 245 / 262° 207 / 217° 8.25 / 9.95 mm Fast Road
1013658 268 / 263° 226 / 217° 9.25 / 9.95 mm Ultra Fast Road
Recent independent dyno testing on a big turbo 1.8T engine producing a base power output of 408 bhp, peak power increased to a stunning 450 bhp with the Cat Cams 1013658, realising substantial gains from 5250 – 8000 rpm.