Peugeot 306 GTi-6 & Rallye
With 167 bhp from the factory and an entertaining, capable chassis,
the Peugeot 306GTi-6 and Rallye models have acquired something of
a cult status as great all roundfast road and trackday hot hatches.
But even the best can be improved upon, which is where leading high
performance valvetrain specialist Cat Cams NV comes in, with its
4903106 profiles.
A directreplacement for the comparatively mild standard factory
XU10J4RS cams.
The full technical specification of the Cat Cams 4903106 profiles is:-
4903106 267/259 - 228/224 - 10.95/10.40
Back to back dyno testing on Northampton Motorsport’s dyno by Peugeot
specialist Pug1off has shown (when used in conjunction with a suitable
ECU remap) that the Cat Cams 4903106 profiles produce exceptional
gains, in this case 26 bhp.
Crucially, both power and torque are improved throughout the rev range,
with a 17lb.ft peak torque increase and 10-12 lb.ft extra at 4500 rpm,
making this an ideal fast road upgrade.
During testing the peak power increased to a maximum of 181 bhp at
7500 rpm, with over 175 bhp available between 6100 and 8000 rpm.
(NOTE: The test car seemed down on standard power producing 155 bhp,
but this could be as a result of the 145,000 mileage.)
As a result of the Cat Cams ECU remap package, peak torque increased to
150 lb.ft on the high mileage test car.