Hyundai Coupe
The sleek Hyundai Coupe has a cult following, as it packs a tempting combination of low running costs, punchy performance and great looks. But with just 137 bhp on tap at best from the 1996-2002 models, few would argue the car would benefit from some increased urge.
And now Belgian based Cat Cams NV has the answer, in the shape of a new pair of cam profiles for the Hyundai coupe, which boast the following technical specification:-
2700803 254/248° - 220/212° - 10.15/10.00mm
Dyno testing of the 2700803 profile has proven that these Cat Cams, in combination with a piggyback ECU, add 20 bhp at peak, with power and torque gains throughout the rev range from 2700 – 6500 rpm (see attached dyno sheet.)
Produced from high quality CNC ground steel billets, the Cat Cams 2700803 Sport profiles are a straight swap for the original Hyundai camshafts and are directly compatible with the engine’s original hydraulic followers