Mini Cooper R56
New ‘Sport’ profiles for the 2007 onwards R56 MINI Cooper S turbo
High lift / short duration design to maximise torque and power
Dyno proven to add over 10 bhp at peak on stock ECU map
Optimised increases in lift and duration yet retains good idle quality
CNC ground from new steel billets, direct swap for BMW originals
MINI’s have always been a tuning favourite and so Belgian performance
valvetrain specialist Cat Cams NV is delighted to announce the launch of
a set of fast road ‘Sport’ cams for the R56 MINI Cooper S.
Suitable for both the 175 bhp and 181bhp versions car using the 1.6-litre
direct injection, valvetronic turbocharged engine, the new Cat Cams MINI
Cooper S cam profiles have been extensively tested by Beek Auto Racing
in Holland.
Back to back dyno runs show that as a straight swap against the standard
BMW profiles with the stock ECU settings and the cams timed in on the
original marks - the Cat Cams gained over 10 bhp on a JCW MINI Cooper S,
with useful power increases from 4000 rpm right through to the rev limiter.
Further testing by Beek Auto Racing with an ECU remap optimised to suit
the revised Cat Cams profiles delivered superb increases from 2000 rpm
upwards, gaining 17-18 bhp in the mid-range and 15 bhp at peak.
Maximum recorded power was a heady 245 bhp at 6000 rpm, making
this one fast MINI Cooper S.