Peugeot 206 GTi 137bhp
It may not have caught the public’s imagination in the same way as the revered 205 GTi, but Peugeot’s 206 GTi seems to attract a loyal following, mainly because of their affordable pricing, availability and potential for modifications.
But with just 137 bhp on tap from its 1997cc EW10J4 engine, few would deny that the 1125 kilo 206 needs added urge to help it live up to the expectations of a GTi badge.
That said, the biggest problem with upgrading the 206 GTi at present is that there’s a huge gap in the engine tuning market between an affordable remap and an expensive, noisy and uneconomical independent throttle body conversion – something that Cat Cams is seeking to try and fill, with its ‘Sport’ fast road cam profiles for the EW10J4 motor.
Designed as a profile for everyday driving in all conditions, the Cat Cams ‘Sport’ cams – part number 4901613 - are produced with modest increases in valve lift and duration, in order to strike the right balance between driveability and performance. Cat Cams has also placed a great emphasis on ensuring that the standard road friendly idle characteristics are maintained.
Technical details on the Cat Cams Peugeot 206 GTi Sport profiles are as follows, shown in comparison to the original factory cams:-
4901613 248/240 - 219/211 - 9.50/9.15mm
A straight swap for the original equipment 206 GTi camshafts, the Cat Cams 4901613 profiles are CNC ground from fresh castings and are directly compatible with the standard Peugeot hydraulic followers.
Dyno testing has proven that in conjunction with an ECU remap (or piggyback ECU) to optimise the air / fuel ratio, the Cat Cams 4901613 profiles deliver a peak power increase of up to 23 bhp at just 5500 rpm.
Combined with the retention of the 206 GTi’s much praised low speed torque, the Cat Cams profiles greatly extend the cars usable power band, making the Peugeot not only noticeably quicker, but considerably more user friendly as well. Peak torque increases by up to 24 lb.ft up to 165 lb.ft, with over 150lb. ft available from 3750 to 5500 rpm, making the cams ideal for relaxed, rapid, fast road use.
NOTE: These profiles also suit the 2.0-litre EW10J4 powered Citroën Xsara and C4, plus the Peugeot 206 CC, 206 GT and the 307 Sport.